Wednesday, November 7, 2012

all along the roadside...

There's some strange stuff out there to see, just gotta know where to look or get lucky when out lookin'. Here's a handful of pics from roadsides all over North Carolina (and one from WV):
The famous legs in Henderson, NC.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
Ghost Town, NC
Blackbeard's BBQ
Fenced in Bonnevilles.
UFO lands at the OBX, NC
The Devil's Tramping Ground out near Sanford, NC.
Buffalo outside of Roxboro, NC.
The cathedral at Duke University in Durham, NC.
The Durham Dinosaur.

Cum Park Plaza in Burlington, NC

Outside Charles Manson's boyhood home in McMechen, WV

If you like what you see, support the Ton Up NC mission by buying a poster, shirt or patch here.

Ton Up NC = Riding, Restoration and Racing of Vintage Motorcycles

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