Saturday, January 26, 2013

Freeze Your Balls Off!: The Scooter Rally

Brian leads the FYBO TUN*C country ride 2012
Another year, another January, another Freeze Your Balls Off (FYBO) rally goes by... The good peoples at the Incriminators Scooter Club have been putting this thing on for, can you believe it, 14 years now! The FYBO rally blueprint of long weekend, beer, bikes, bands, has been followed by (ahem...) many other clubs and always proves to be a winning combo no matter the weather. Ton Up N*C has traditionally been involved via the creating the Best Motorcycle trophy, organizing/leading the FYBO Country ride and the provision of drunken fools. Heres a TUN*C photo retrospective of the event (some photos were borrowed from

Straight 8's circa 2005 @ FYBO w/ Patman on upright bass.
Alex, Patman and Marcus FYBO 2006
TUN*C 2006: Patman, Chad, Marcus and Alex
TUN*C @ FYBO 2007 L-R Hillbilly Marcus, Alex, Chad, Jim, Toro
Straight 8's circa 2008 @ FYBO w/ Patman on upright bass.
FYBO 2009 @ Green Room w/ L-R Camper, Chad and TJ
TUN*C's Alex tickles the Rickman, FYBO 2010
Brian scans the bike show in 2011.
Doyle, Alex (TUN*C), and Riever at FYBO 2012
In 2013 TUN*C's Eric takes home the Best Motorcycle win with his Superhawk.

Thanks for the good times FYBO. See you next year on MLK weekend!

Ton Up NC = Riding, Restoration and Racing of Vintage Motorcycles


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