Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reminiscing: White Lightening 2012

White Lightening 2012, hard to believe its already been a year and we are on the eve of the 2013 edition and racing season. In 2012 the Ton Up compound included: Max and Scott from Fla. and TUNC's Jim, Eric, Alex and Me (Brian). Max raced his Triumph twin, Scott on his Premiere class AJS, Jim on the T25T Field Pig, ALex on the C15, me on the XR200 and Eric on the Hondapontamos (a monstrous Honda 400cc twin). What follows are some pics from the weekend of racing.

The Race Meeting
Field Pig is as Field Pig does.
Jim and Scott.
Eric on the grass track portion of the course.
Jim finishes day 1.
Eric finishes day 1.
Tent maint.
Max and Field Pig share a moment.
Alex and the BSA C15
Fla. transporter.

See you in Chester, SC this weekend (3.16-17) for the 2013 edition of White Lightening Vintage Cross Country.
Ton Up NC = Riding, Restoration and Racing of Vintage Motorcycles


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