Friday, November 16, 2012

in the valley of Maggie...

After a couple of botched plans to hit the NC mountains this year, my buddy Zack and I finally got it together the weekend of November 10, 2012. We got up early on Saturday morning, loaded up the Bonneville and Thruxton and pointed the truck westward to Maggie Valley, NC.

We arrived at the Tanglewood Motel ($60 a night pictured), a modest little old school motel late in the morning, unloaded and headed for the twisty stuff. First stop was Rt. 209 aka the Rattler. 300 plus turns in 20 something miles. Good times...

We ate lunch at  cool little mountain diner just off the route then finished up the afternoon with the Pisgah Triangle...

After a pitstop in Waynesville for some beers at the local pizzaria, we called it a day Saturday as the night settled in.

Sunday we woke up, hit the local pancake house for some breakfast and hit what a brochure considered the most challenging roads in the NC mountains. Amazing riding.
The first section of 215 (pictured) was a little rough with a lot of loose gravel from a recent chipping of the road due to the snow, but once into the next county the road surface was perfect with some heartstopping twists and turns. Charlie's Creek Road was hands-down my favorite stretch on the entire trip, 11 miles of road that rivals anything I've ever ridden to this point. We hit it three times before making our way back to town to pack it in and head back home to central NC.

Great weekend! Planning another in the spring.

Here's some links to help you plan your own trip:


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