Friday, November 30, 2012

Shops of the Past: The House of Zed

Sadly, we at Ton Up N*C have had to say farewell to several members as they have relocated to other parts of this fine country. Not only do we miss the people, we also miss their shops. Former NC resident and NC Ton Up member, Zed had a badass shop in Saxapahaw, NC right next to the river of the same name. Zed had ample bike storage, several lifts/workspaces for his various projects, a functioning paint shop and a proper lounge equipped with PBR. What more could you ask for? Here are some photo's.  Be warned, you may want to grab something to catch the drool...
Zed and Chad
Alex mounts the Atlas

Chad's Trident.

Atlas envy.
Brian finds a place called happiness on Zed's Square Four
Trumpet and Vespa.
Ariel Sq. 4
Toro hits the lounge.

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  1. So many cool things to comment on...coolest is the bobber that's behind Brian. At first glance I'd say it's a XS 650 but knowing how you guys roll it's a Triumph or BSA ...