Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sing Me a Motorcycle.

Tom Waits: Hang on St. Christopher
(There's a 750 Norton Bustin' Down January's Door...)

Dave and Ansel Collins: Ton Up Kids

The Cheers: Black Denim Trousers

Smiling Face Down : Miss Birmingham Small Arms

Richard Thompson: 1952 Vincent Black Lightening

Love and Rockets: Motorcycle

Arlo Guthrie: Motorcycle Song

Moby Grape: Motorcycle Irene

JJ Cale: Me the Breeze

Shangri Las: Leader of the Pack

Lou Reed: New Sensations

Brigitte Bardot: Harley Davidson

Sailcat: Motorcycle Mama

Daniel Johnston: Speeding Motorcycle

Beach Boys: Little Honda '64

Rancid: Motorcycle Ride

I'm sure I've missed a ton, but these are ones I dig.

Ton Up NC = Riding, Restoration and Racing of Vintage Motorcycles

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  1. One of my favorite Neil Young songs: "Unknown Legend"