Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Races from Seasons Past: VIR 8.7.2010

One of Ton Up NC's founders, Patman, raced his 1969 Triumph T100S at one of the last AHRMA sanctioned events at Virginia International Raceway way back in August 2010. This was also one of Patman's final races before blowing this bike up at Road Hotlanta in the fall of 2010. The bike is still in the process of rebuild as I write. Pics follow...

Patman and his 69 T100S
The pre-race huddle with California Alex, TUNC's Chad and Portland Zed.
Patman heads out to the track.
Patman hits the straight.
Patman post-race. The race was red flagged.

Patman describes this video...
This is from the WERA 500GP race at VIR, August 2010.  Jack Hauman passed me on the first lap of the race. I chased him for the next 10 minutes until I caught him in the right turn going up the hill.  Jack was on a Honda 350.  The pass secured 3rd place in that race.  

Patman had four races that August weekend and took podiums in all four!

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