Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zen and the Art of British Motorcycle Maintenance: Where to Find Spares, Upgrades etc.

Riding a classic or antique British motorcycle is like nothing else. Sure, owning a vintage British motorcycle may not be the most practical decision one can make. Turn-key machines they are not. They can be hard to start, tend to leak oil and can vibrate themselves apart when not properly sorted. But isn't that part of the charm? Ride, wrench repeat definitely applies here. So, once you've taken the leap into the world of Brit Bikes, what is one to do when something breaks, shakes loose or otherwise wears out? That's where the worldwide web comes in handy. Spares are readily available for just about any Triumph, Norton or BSA. New Old Stock (NOS) parts, reproduction parts and performance upgrades can be had at a variety of outlets and are often cheaper than ones for their Japanese or American counterparts. What follows is a list of links that may help you with your British restoration or maintenance project...

British Motorcycles Parts Index

Vintage Triumph Bonneville Paint Schemes

A great place for spares for vintage Triumph, BSA and Norton.

M.A.P. Cycle has been a stocking source of hard to find British motorcycle parts both new and old, factory and aftermarket, performance and replacement for over 40 years!

Old Britts is a mail order shop in the Seattle (USA) area providing parts, manuals, rebuilding and upgrade services to Norton motorcycles owners. We mainly deal in Commando parts and services, but do stock some parts and manuals for pre-Commando Nortons.

We have the world's largest inventory of N.O.S. (new old stock), reproduction and used parts specializing in Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles.

The vintage motorcycle enthusiasts complete parts and service source.

One Stop Shop for classic British Parts.

Fair Spares America, Inc. will do it's best to provide prompt and satisfactory service to it's customers. We hope to keep the cost of maintaining your Norton Commando or other Norton motorcycle as low as possible by offering genuine Norton and Norvil parts at reasonable price

We are importers and warehouse distributors of parts and accessories for classic British motorcycles. We offer direct ordering, but you can also have your favourite Brit Bike Shop contact us for parts. Our wholesale department supplies dealers worldwide!

We have been in business since 1988 servicing both Harley Davidson and Vintage British motorcycles BSA,Norton, Triumph. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to gather a loyal following of customers here in the states and abroad.

Commando Specialties provides quality, replacement or custom parts for 1968 to 1976 Norton Commandos. We have 1000's of new and used parts in inventory.

We stock Triumph, BSA and Norton NOS & Reproduction Motorcycle Parts. We carry Sparx, Boyer, Pazon, Lucas, TriCor, Renold, Amal, Smiths, Central Wheel and many more.

BSA Unit Singles LLC endeavors to be your single-source provider of parts, accessories, literature and help for the C15, B40, C25, B25,T25, B44 and B50 BSA models.

Coventry has been supplying quality and value for Vincent owners for more than 30 years. We have the largest inventory of Vincent parts on this side of the Pond.

Ton Up NC = Riding, Racing and Restoration of Vintage Motorcycles.

If you would like to be a support our mission and the annual Bull City Rumble Vintage Motorcycle show, please visit our webstore and purchase a shirt, poster, patch or sticker.
Ton Up NC webstore: tonup.bigcartel.com