Monday, March 23, 2015

TUNC Budget Racing DIY Files: Repair/Replace a Battery in a AMB TransX MyLaps Transponder 260/160

In a sport where $$$=Speed and a new AMB transponder will set you back $400 you may want to take a chance on repairing your DOA transponder.

When the battery on your AMB transponder withers or dies, place it on your trusty workbench and give this hack a whirl. What do you have to lose? Besides your AMB warranty of-course?

My transponder laid dormant for a couple of years and completely died in storage. I had the earlier model TranxX 260 with the 4 screws (seen below). The later ones appear to be completely sealed which may need a little more labor.

Here's a video of a guy cutting out the battery from a sealed unit:

Another option is sending your unit to Australia for a more professional repair:

The last and least expensive option is making the repair yourself. Below are the steps I took to repair my transponder which is still working fine after a year.

STEP 1: Remove the 4 screws

STEP 2:  Liberate the old battery.

Notes:  Use a heat guy and take your time.  I placed foil over the sections I was not removing and used several small picks and a box cutter to expose the battery and connectors.  Once the epoxy was free I broke the weld from the battery posts and removed the battery.


STEP 3:  Install and secure new battery.  

Notes: I purchased a 1.2V 2700 mAh battery from the local battery store (Batteries Plus) for $3 and asked them to weld/arc the tabs on for me.  A couple of dabs of solder to the existing leads is enough to hold.  I mounted the battery with craft glue.

STEP 4: Re-install screws, charge and spend that $400 you just saved on that new set of cams you've been wanting.  See you in the paddock!

-#281 TUNC