Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ton Up NC AHRMA Racing: Mckee Sky Ranch, WV 2012

The first annual AHRMA Cross Country/Vintage Motocross race at McKee Sky Ranch took place in July 2012 and Ton Up NC had all hands on deck at the event. Jim, Chad, Eric, Alex and myself loaded up the pickups and headed northwest on a Friday afternoon for a weekend of dirt bike racin' in God's country, Terra Alta, WV.
Its a 441 sandwich.

No this is not Rio, it is me taking in the glory that is WV on a Saturday pre-race morning.
...had a double burger at Biggie's
Durham, NC bikes.
Eric kicking ass on the Hondapotomus.
Chad taking the 441 through the paces in the wild and wonderful woods of WV.
Jim, getting blurry like bigfoot on his 71 Triumph.
Post-race rehydration.
Chad takes the checkered flag.
Bikes grow like weeds along the fence row at the VMX course.
This picture does no justice to how awesome this Dick Mann designed natural track VMX course was...
 And Dick Mann (white hat) saw every thing that he had made, and, behold it was very good.

Chad and the Mann.

Starting line for Post Vintage Cross Country.
Me (Brian) PVXC.
Ton Up NC and Ton Up Indy.
Chad and ALex on the line for Vintage Cross Country day 2.
Eric is on the hunt (right).
Jim getting some.
Alex takes the checkered flag.
Ton Up NC.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Product! 2013 Bull City Rumble Rock & Roll Burlesque Poster!

We have a new poster for sale! Just $9.98 plus s/h. This 11" x 17" work of art was designed by our friend, Steve Olivia, at Kitchen Island Show Print to advertise the Rock/Burlesque portion of the Bull City Rumble rally on August 31, 2013. Only 50 will ever be made and only 30 of these are up for sale...

Get yours HERE.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ton Up NC 2010-2012 in pictures

Video montage of the activities of Ton Up NC 2010-2012... Good times.