Sunday, October 30, 2016

Barber Vintage Festival

Ton Up NC at the 1st Annual Barber Vintage Fest
The Barber Vintage Festival is arguably the most famous, largest and best vintage motorcycle event in the world (with the Bull City Rumble coming in at a close 2nd or 3rd ;) The event does a comprehensive job of covering all facets of motorcycling including collecting, restoring, racing and riding vintage motorbikes. The 13th edition of the event will take place on October 6, 7 and 8, 2017 and you can be certain that Ton Up NC will have a strong presence at the event as they have since the first edition of Barber Vintage.

Aside from racing, one of our favorite pastimes at Barber is the swap meet, with its eclectic mix of motorcycles in various states of repair and the interesting people who make or supplement their living selling them. What follows are some photos from the 2016 edition of the Barber Vintage Swap Meet.

See you there next year!

Friday, August 5, 2016

2016 Bull City Rumble Pre-Registration is OPEN




(we will not have a full registration deal day of show this year)

Fri. September 2 
7:00pm-? Rumble Registration Party
Green Room
1108 Broad Street, Durham, NC
Sat. September 3 
11:00am Motorcycle Breakfast
1:00pm Vintage Motorcycle, Scooter and Cafe Racer Show
1007 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
4:30pm Bike Show Awards and AHRMA Charity Raffle
1007 W. Main Street, Durham, NC
5:00pm-? Bull City Rumble After Party at The Social
Little Lesley and the Bloodshots
Hearts and Daggers
The Low Counts 
plus Burlesque
1007 W. Main Street, Durham, NC

For more information on the Bull City Rumble CLICK HERE

Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to Kickstart a Vintage British Motorcycle

There are few things more satisfying than kicking an old motorcycle to life. Whether this follows a total resurrection of a once left for dead machine or after a momentary pause on a country ride when you just stopped to take in the scenery. That moment when the perfect combination of air, fuel, spark collide and explode never ceases to leave one with an ear to ear grin. Its one of those things everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime and completely contrasts the complete lack of emotion and effort involved in modern push-button ignition systems. Without going into great technical detail, what follows is a step-by-step instructions on how to start that old Triumph, Norton, BSA etc.

1. Shift the bike into Neutral (this is located 1/2 click between first and second gears). A good way to make sure your bike is in Neutral is to check and see if the bike rolls or the rear wheel turns freely without the clutch engaged.

2. Bring the bike outdoors or at least open the garage or shed door (Brit bikes are not emissions free machines and do create quite a bit of poisonous gas when running).

3. Make sure you have fresh gas in the tank. It is good practice to drain your tank if you plan on storing your bike for a while or at least add some fuel stabilizer to the gas to prevent it from getting stale. Stale gas typically has a very strong sweet shellac-like odor to it.

4. Turn on the gas. This is done by moving the petcock lever (located on the underside of the gas tank) from the horizontal position (off position) to the vertical position by pushing the lever downward.

5. Enrich your fuel mixture by actuating the choke lever, usually located near the clutch lever on the left side of the handlebar. If your bike has no choke lever there is a "tickle" button located on the outside of the carburator that can be depressed to release some extra fuel into the carburator (do this on both carbs if you have more than one.)  You want to tickle until a little bit of fuel seeps out of the button onto your finger.

6. If your bike has a compression release (not all do), actuate the lever or button. This will make the bike much easier to kick over. If your bike has no compression release, skip to step 7.

7. Flip out your kickstarter (typically located on the right side of the bike) and with a mild amount of pressure push it with your foot until you feel some resistance (you may have to push the kickstarter all the way through once and repeat to achieve this end.) This puts the bike on its compression stroke.

8. Turn on your bike with your key. Make sure your kill-switch is in the "on" position, if you have one.

9. With a moderate amount of pressure, kick the bike all the way through. When you hear the bike beginning to start a small twist of the throttle can help the bike start and begin to idle. Be wary of kickbacks, some bikes are known to bite you in the shin or eject the rider if not careful.

10. Turn off your choke and if the bike keeps on idling you are ready to roll. Turn lights on for safety. Congratulations you just kickstarted your bike.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ton Up NC Membership Info.

Ton Up NC is always looking for new members. 
To be considered for membership you MUST: 1- currently own a vintage British motorcycle 2- live in the great north state 3- be willing to participate in the planning and execution of the annual Bull City Rumble every Labor Day weekend 4- have an interest in vintage motorcycle racing. 
If you can check ALL of those boxes and would like to be considered for membership in Ton Up NC, please send us an email at

Friday, January 29, 2016

Ton Up NC #3c 2015 AHRMA Vintage Cross Country National Champion

2015 was a good year for Ton Up NC. Some great vintage British bikes were acquired by the club, Dave J was inducted as our newest member and the cherry on top was Chad B. being christened the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association's 2015 National Cross Country Champion in the Classic Intermediate racing class. Chad accomplished this feat riding his hand-built late 60's BSA Victor 441 thumper to victory several times over the course of the 2015 racing season. The bike was assembled over the years from odds and ends gathered at vintage swap meets, part donations, and good ol' blood, sweat and tears. If I'm not mistaken, total cost was less than $100. If you've never heard Chad kick the life into this great machine, you are missing out, the sound of this thumper is unmistakable and angrier than any Harley you might hear at the local poker run. In a nut shell, when you hear this beast going up behind you in the woods, your best option is to just get out of the way. Congratulations Chad on getting your first National Cross Country Championship (Chad was also a past AHRMA National Champion in Road Racing astride a Triumph T140.)

See you at the races in 2016 (click link for schedule)

Ton Up NC= Riding, Racing and Restoration of Vintage Motorcycles

Saturday, January 9, 2016

2016 Vintage Motorcycle Event Schedule

Ton Up NC w/ the legendary Malcom Smith at Barber Vintage Festival

Ton Up NC Vintage Motorcycle Event Schedule

Bull City Rumble