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S.E. Rochelle Reliability Run -March 30th, 2019, Durham NC

Saturday March 30th 2019

All bikes are welcome but the oldest bike to start and finish wins the prize


WHEN: Saturday March 30th, 2019

WHERE: James Joyce Irish Pub
                912 W Main St 
                Durham, NC 27701

Noon - 1PM
Registration (FREE)

1 PM - 2PM
Reliability Run (40 mi) and Duke Campus Photo

3PM - Till 
Award to the Oldest Bike to Complete Run

1913 & 2013 Reliability Run

Vintage Motorbikes from all over the world will started and finished in Durham, NC. A low speed round-trip ride through the Carolina countryside. The ultimate two-wheel attrition test of mechanic and machine. Awards were given to the oldest motorbike successfully completing the ride. 

1) Motorbike must start and finish under own power.
2) Motorbike age determined by manufacturer year, month and serial number.
3) Mechanical stops are allowed but tools an supplies must be stowed on motorbike.
4) This is NOT a race and all local, State and Federal laws must be followed.
Inside Rochelle's Durham shop (photo courtesy of Durham Library).
Sidney Edgar Rochelle (1878-1960) was a veteran, a business man and most importantly to us, a motorcycle enthusiast from Durham, NC, the place a handful of us Ton Up NC boys call home. From 1910 to 1954, SE Rochelle owned and operated the local Harley Davidson/Henderson/Indian dealership formerly located on the corner of Parrish and Corcoran St (and later on Mangum St.) in Durham. This was North Carolina's first Harley Davidson Dealership.

Rochelle not only provided the Durham motorcyclists with bikes, he created a motorcycle community in ways ranging from his promotion of motorcycle related attractions at the local amusement park, to the organization of a riding club and many local versions of the AMA sanctioned Gypsy Day Tour rides. Rochelle's Gypsy Day rides consisted of a round trip from Durham to Greensboro and back. Rochelle's club also traveled all over the USA.
Outside the old shop on Parrish Street, SE Rochelle is 2nd from right. (photo courtesy Durham Library).
Chad and I outside the old 208 Parrish Street location of Rochelle's old shop. It is Dos Perros restaurant now.
Whirl of Death motordome at Lakewood Park in Durham (photo courtesy of Durham Library).

Rochelle's Durham Gypsy Day Tour ride circa 1923  at Trinity College now Duke University.
(photo courtesy of Durham Library)

Durham motorcyclists band together (photo courtesy of Durham Library).
SE Rochelle and his motorcycle club circa 1910 (photo courtesy of Durham Library).
For more information on SE Rochelle, visit the Endangered Durham website, to which I am indebted for much of my knowledge about Mr. Rochelle.

Ton Up NC = Riding, Restoration and Racing of Vintage Motorcycles

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