Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ton Up NC Tech Daze...

A lot of people ask us whether we can build a bike for them, if we're motorcycle dealership, a custom build shop or a repair station. The answer is "no." But within that "no" answer lies a bit of "yes." We do build, repair and maintain all of the bikes that we use for riding and racing and its no small task. Collectively the club has well over 100 vintage bikes of all nationalities: British, Spanish, Japanese, Indian, German, Italian, Ohian as well as a few modern machines. Three cylinder, two cylinder, single cylinder; two-stroke, four-stroke, you name it... we love them all. 

Keeping all of these bikes road worthy is a year-round collective effort and a challenge that is not for the faint of heart (ask anyone who has owned and/or raced a Bultaco). Be it in the garage, the shed, roadside in the pouring rain, on the patio with the boys sweating over an old repair manual (wrench in one hand and a beer in the other) or trackside moments before the race; its a labor of love. Its one that pays off in spades when you finish that long ride or grueling race error free. Its also the smile on the old timers face who lovingly reminisces with you about their old Triumph that makes all the time and energy worth it.

What follows are some pictures of Ton Up NC tech days/moments from the past...

Ton Up NC = Riding, Racing and Restoration of Vintage Motorcycles

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